Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tiffany Falls

The more exciting adventure that I went on today was to Spencer George Wilderness Area, Tiffany Falls, to be more exact. It was AWESOME. Honestly, I can not even explain how excited I was. I've been there a few times before, and it never disapoints. The weather today was perfection, and the birds were out and was a dream. I ended up taking about 200 pictures, I have my favourites posted here.

Here is a lovely map, to guide you!

The view from the top of the park

The trail down to the park.

Lovely Shade

This is me getting in touch with nature.

A neat bench / sitting area


This is a strange fireplace..I don't know if it is supposed to be a fire pit, a bbq, human sacrifice area? Who knows..

Preach on sista..I love this sign.

The brightest thing I've seen all winter. How amazing is this crazy red shrub?

I don't realy know what this weird Tree-Land-House thing is...I bet that it is a horse holding pen of some sort. In the old country, people used to put wheat (hay) on the ground and stick a piece of wood in the middle - then tie a horse to that piece of wood and get it to walk around the hay. This would release all of the barley, or wheat or whatever, because the horse would walk in circles. I bet that this is what this tree-house was built for. No doubt in my mind.

The view from inside.

Bruce Trail represent.

I am in love with PATHS.

This one was so tall and narrow.

..I just couldn't resist. As you can see, I am feeling the wind blow in my hair.

This natrual stone little darling staircase goes all the way to the bottom of the falls.

The stream that feeds the falls

I call this one "Fish Eye View", I put the camera a milimeter above the water, I imagine that this is how the fish see the stream when they peek above the water.

Beautiful, Loud, Powerful. Also, the only place in Hamilton that still has snow.

Mist from the falls and sunshine.

Webster Family Plot

I'll give you a dollar if you can guess who this quote is from.

This was the best day ever, I had so much fun at the falls. The park is realy well kept, I did not see a spot of litter anywhere and the grass and trees were well groomed. Who ever takes care of this place does an amazing job. Special travel considerations are courtesy of (the)Rog.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Customs House - 51 Stuart Street.

Today I checked out the creepy old Customs House. This place has a long history in Hamilton, mostly a history of being haunted. I desperatley wanted to go in and take a gander, but all tours have to be pre-arranged. I had to settle for being a creep and taking photos from the street, and other than the Customs House, Stuart Street is pretty run down.

Haunted Hamilton has done a few stories on the Customs house, so has the tv show Creepy Canada, the stories about the 'dark lady' that haunts it, are terrifying. I'd like to go in..maybe one day...

Stuart Street

Customs House, fantastic Architecture

New Sign

A covered up Door.

It shocks me how old this building is..

Stay Classy Hamilton.

There wasn't much else going on on Stuart St. Mostly run down factories and construction yards. I think the old Lakeport Brewery building is somewhere in that area too. The Customs House is a powerful building, I urge everyone to check it out. You can park at Bayfront park and walk there in under 2 minutes.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Dundurn Castle and Bayfront Park

I've decided to pick a fairly well known desitnation for my first Explore Hamilton Adventure. Dundurn Castle is featured on almost all Hamilton's tourism literature and promotion posters of all kinds. Everyone has been there at one time, most commonly for School Trips. No matter how well known it is, it is still pretty spectacular to me. Such crazy architecture, and many say it is haunted by Sir John A. Read up about one Dundurn Castle haunting story at Haunted Hamilton, Read with the lights on.
The pictures aren't anything fancy, just random things that caught my eye.

This is a weird path that leads to the edge of the cliff, it's fantastic.

This is the same fantatic path, looking back at the castle.

The main entrance to the castle. Very nice, very Greek.

Not quite tall enough. Those arches are neat, we should have those all over the city.

I love the weird Architecture of this entrance, looks like something you'd find in Belaurs or Georgia in the former USSR.

This is the top of that neat entrance. I found out from some weird old lady that those are "pigeon homes".

This is the door to this crazy entrance. The best door I've ever seen. I wasn't able to find out the story about that head above the door. Maybe one day..

A plaque..

My slightly slanted view of the castle.

Bayfront Park - I love going for walks there.

This is the view of the park from the fist picture - that clif path. I went on a hiking adventure down to those trains with roger a few years ago, it was super creepy. I like to call that the 'train cemetary', Too bad we didn't have a camera.

The entrance to the park.

Frozen Lake. Too bad I didn't get there a few weeks earlier so that I could have walked on the ice. The cracking sounds of the ice breaking kept me away from that today....

The park is filled with these charming 'old country-esque' bird feeders. In the background, the boats are wrapped up for the winter.

I am very excited about this new project..very excited! Special thanks go out to Rog for helping out with the pictures and to Caleb from New York City Walk for the inspiration.