Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tiffany Falls, vol. 2.0

The second adventure this week took place at another Tiffany Falls, the two falls have the same name because they both come from the same source. This is another place that I could not find a map for, because it is on the side of a road. When you take Main Street past McMaster and up to Ancaster, you will drive by the entrance to this area. There is a sign and enough parking for 2-4 cars.

This place was gorgeous, and really well groomed. It was a beautiful day and many people were out walking and enjoying the weather.

I hate when people remove their crampons on the bridge. Geez.

These little bridges are all over the place to help people cross the water.

I heart trees.


There is a little balcony that you can stand on to look at the falls.

The falls are beauuutiful. The way the sunlight was catching in the water was really nice.

Best.View.Ever. I got wet from the heavy mist, but it was so worth it.

I just love waterfalls, there is something so powerful and so beautiful about something that is just water falling off a cliff. I will try to stay away from falls and conservation areas from now on. Time to diversify, and I'm sick of someone refering to this as my "Waterfall Website"..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Hermitage..part 1

The first part of this weeks adventure took place at The Hermitage. It isn't technicaly Hamilton, but since Ancaster falls under the New City of Hamilton..I thought to include it. The reason this is The Hermitage, part 1, is because I saw a snake half way through and had to abort the mission. I don't work with snakes..I just can't handle it. Hopefully, I will bring more people with me next time and will able to complete the mission. This place is known for being super haunted, here is a link to the popular haunted history. I could not find a map to this place, so instead, I give you these easy to follow directions..

Driving Directions: From the 403, take the Rousseaux exit west to Ancaster. Follow Rousseaux to Wilson Street (2nd set of lights) and turn left onto Wilson. From Wilson Street, turn right onto Sulphur Springs Road. Turn right again at the stop sign. This is Sulphur Springs Road. Continue downhill into the valley until you see a small sign on your right for the Hermitage.

Start of hiking paths

These bushes are creepy. Very clausterphobic, it seems like they are closing in on you.

Thick woods

This old dignifed Hampton-esque couple was walking behind us the whole time. At one point they disapeared and on the way back we found them around this area..laying in the grass and smoking weed. It was 4/20..good for them.

The snake incident happened around this area, TRAUMA!!

Hopefully I'll be able to finish this soon, I need snake hypnosis or something..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Red Hill Expressway

This post is kind of sketch because it is exam season and this past weekend it was Easter, which is a big deal to us Orthdox folk. Needless to say, I havn't had much time for exploration adventures. I did go for a walk the other day and I brought my camera along for these pics of the Red Hill Valley.

I can not express to you how ANTI-EXPRESSWAY I am. I don't believe that shaving 20mins off your commute to work is worth destroying one of Ontario's most important watersheds, one of the only habitats for flying squirrels and countless other animals. Don't even get me started on the trees and nature that was destroyed in order to build this. I am full of HATE when it comes to this topic..and I could rant on and on..but let's get to the pictures.

I was walking along the path and was still able to spot some instances of natures perseverance and beauty. I did not take pics of the expressway, as I'm sure that anyone can imagine what a high way looks like.

Here are a few pictures of shreds of nature that are left over...

This whole thing used to be filled up with the stream, I remember having middle school science trips here..

ReRouted Stream.

My sister and I

This Goose totaly wanted to fight me, It followed me around for a while..

There will be a fantasical new adventure next week, some downtown action..after exam crazyness. Get off my back MARY!