Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Red Hill Expressway

This post is kind of sketch because it is exam season and this past weekend it was Easter, which is a big deal to us Orthdox folk. Needless to say, I havn't had much time for exploration adventures. I did go for a walk the other day and I brought my camera along for these pics of the Red Hill Valley.

I can not express to you how ANTI-EXPRESSWAY I am. I don't believe that shaving 20mins off your commute to work is worth destroying one of Ontario's most important watersheds, one of the only habitats for flying squirrels and countless other animals. Don't even get me started on the trees and nature that was destroyed in order to build this. I am full of HATE when it comes to this topic..and I could rant on and on..but let's get to the pictures.

I was walking along the path and was still able to spot some instances of natures perseverance and beauty. I did not take pics of the expressway, as I'm sure that anyone can imagine what a high way looks like.

Here are a few pictures of shreds of nature that are left over...

This whole thing used to be filled up with the stream, I remember having middle school science trips here..

ReRouted Stream.

My sister and I

This Goose totaly wanted to fight me, It followed me around for a while..

There will be a fantasical new adventure next week, some downtown action..after exam crazyness. Get off my back MARY!

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