Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Downtown Sculptures

This adventure took place in a two block radius of downtown Hamilton; The roof of the Art Gallery, and the courtyard of City Hall. A few weeks ago, I was passing through this area on the bus and I happened to glance over and see a big sculpture. It caught my interest and I knew that I had to check the place out and see what the deal was. So, on a sunny monday morning, my sister and I travelled down and took the pictures you see below..

Roof of the Art Gallery

The Sculpture Garden

This is the piece that caught my attention and drove me to explore this area..

This thing is HUGE. I'm one of those people that will never understand how engineering works, and how they can make something of this magnitude stay put, and balance, while only being attached to the other piece by a small weld in the steel.

This is like a curvy female version of the Thinking Man

My favourite one, so graceful and classy.

Some nice Man-on-man action. Check out the detail work on the feet.

More stellar foot detail work.

"Dutch Children", it's more like "Alien Children", why are they so creepy? What is this artist saying about the Dutch People..?

This one has that war-time-government-propaganda-ish vibe.

City Hall Courtyard

100 Years of Ukranian Immigrants.

My sister came along with the Ukranian Immigrants..who knew?

What an Eastern European Face..

Come on guys..right this way.

I think this is a work place safety display. Driving down Main St., you can't really miss this piece.

Engineering Ring.

This was a great adventure, the weather was perfect and it was really great to walk around main street and check out the cool sculptures. I've heard that there are a lot of sculptures around Hamilton, I'll try to check out some more over the summer.

While my sister and were taking pictures around the Sculpture Garden, a random man walked up to us and asked if we wanted him to take a picture of us together. I said.." Yeahh..suure", and he reached for my camera and said, "Don't worry, I'm NOT gonna steal yer camera". He took a decent picture, but it was funny that he had to point out that he, in fact, was NOT going to steal my camera. Oh Hamilton!


mary said...

I dunno..i dont think I wouldve given him my camera....sounds shifty to me....

glauber said...

but... where's the photo he took? just curiosity...

Biljana said...

Oh I decided not to include it since it was just of my sister and I and had nothing to do with the sculptures.
It turned out nice, it turns out that random strangers take good pictures..haha

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