Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lister Block Heating Unit

A few sunny thursdays ago, I was walking around downtown waiting for inspiration to find me, when all of a sudden it hit me like a tone of bricks! I turned the corner at King William Street and saw an odd 'tower-esque' thing growing out of a parking lot.

I walked closer and was mesmerized by this tower/chimney structure. I was walking around and taking pictures of wires and the backs of the buildings when a security guard started approaching me. He was concerned about me walking around and taking pictures, thinking on my feet, I complimented him on his fine parking lot and asked what he knew of the structure. This lead into a 30minute discussion, it was wonderful. It turns out that I was standing directly behind the Lister Block, and this structure I was so taken by, was a chimney. A chimney that used to provide heat for the entire Lister Block! Apparantley, the reason the security guard wasn't originaly too fond of my snooping around with a camera, was because many people come by and sneak into the Lister Block to do drugs, have sex, or die. He said he found dead bodies inside once. (!!) I would like to take a peek inside before they restore the building, but I don't know if I have cahoonies for that sort of an adventure. Maybe I can get my new security friend to take me up there.

This place is a block away from Jackson Square, or a few steps away from the Pepper Jack Cafe. Check it out!

This treasure is just a few steps away from this street sign.

The Lister Block
High Window Street Art

The back of the building.

Near the Chimney

The full structure.

The security guard told me that he expects the top of the chimney to fall over in the next year. The years and the weathering have made the top very crooked.

I climbed over some garbage and old wires to take a gander inside the chimney. Very cool.

Power Tree

This was a great adventure, I look forward to more, as summer school settles down a bit.

Until next time!

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Hollie said...

billy! search for "lister block" on flickr. people have gotten inside and you won't believe just how beautiful it is!!! i've been wanting to go in for ages, but all the windows are boarded up now...