Sunday, September 16, 2007

Upper James mountain access

I've driven past this wall structure many-a-time on Upper James, but I have never stopped by to take a closer look. You have to park at one of the side streets across the street and make a mad dash across the busy mountain access to make it to this park. The death defying adventure is well worth it, this place is beautiful.

I don't really know what these walls stand for, it doesn't look like they were ever a part of any structure. They must have been built purely as decoration and as a part of the memorial plaque. Behind the walls is a set of mountain access stairs, although I would not recommend taking the stairs past dusk as things can get a tad..creepy.

Walking there..

It would be neat if this thing worked..

I like this place, it was really beautiful and it had a great view of the city. Does anyone know what the walls stand for?


Vic said...

I lived on Claremont Dr. from when I was 8 years old until about 18. My parents still do. I have since lived in Ottawa and now Toronto. I still visit them often, and go through Southam Park all the time.

I'm not sure if this is correct, but I think those walls might have something to do with the Mountain View Hotel that used to be on that corner.

As kids, we used to climb up on top of those walls and crawl our way around the edge of the park. Of course, only when our parents were not around. hehe.

I love the fountain too, but it hasn't worked in my memory of the place (over 20 years).

I'm sure there are lots of stories to be found there. Many people come to get their wedding photos done in the park. It was a real hot spot during the Cycling World Championships as well. Some sad stuff too.... my mother was out for a walk when two guys on a motorcycle came flying up the Claremont Access and crashed into the wall because they were going too fast.

I also remember when the stairway used to be a set of rickety wooden stairs, which were eventually replaced with the current steel set. Alternatively, there's a pathway that leads up to the same place from the top of John St. Pretty nice to ride a bike down, if you're careful. :)

There are some interesting post cards / photos of the "incline railway" and the hotel (at the bottom) on this website:

Tolla said...

Well said.