Sunday, October 7, 2007

Canadian National Railways Station

The Canadian National Railways Station, in Hamilton is at 360 James Street North , and it was designated a Heritage Railway Station in 1991.

I wanted to go inside, but all of the doors were locked and a woman that walked by inside gave me a look that was less than..hospitable. So, I settled with taking pictures of the outisde area. Maybe one day I'll get day.

This statue is beautiful in person, and in photo. I think that is fresh basil someone has placed in her hands, but I could be wrong. It looked like basil to me, but I'm no herb expert.

I find these lions to be very creepy. Their faces are almost human-like, and they look so angry. This was the base of a water fountain also on this property.

I Choo Choo Choose you.

Romanian Orthodox Church

These pictures were taken two blocks north of Bayfront Park. I've never seen a Romanian Orthodox Church before. This building was tucked in between some houses.

For some reason it seemed so out of place on that street.

Foggy day in Hammer town

What a miserable foggy, rainy, few days we've had here.

I went down to Bayfront park and took some foggy pictures.

Poor lake..

I'm sure that these boats had something to contribute to this mess...

Foggy, Creepy, Dirty.

It was one of those days made for lounging around the house and watching entire seasons of Curb your Enthusiasm.

Don't make me wouldn't like me when I'm mad.

Ever since the Incredible Hulk set building began on Main St., downtown has been very exciting. It is so great to see so many non-sketchy pedestrians walking around Main St, it is certainly a welcomed change.

Last week I decided to walk over to see what all of the fuss was about.

The official movie site doesn't have that much information, but here it is anyway.

This is the bus that gets set on fire in the movie.

Whoa, big lights.

That basketball court must be a part of the set too, it wasn't there before.

This is cool, but I don't think they had to schlep garbage into Hamilton, we have plenty of hometown garbage to share.

I can't wait until the movie comes out, it's always fun to pick out parts of Hamilton in the movies that were shot here.

I hope it is much better than that Ang Lee disaster. Edward Norton never let's me down, so I hope that it will be pretty good.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Old Postcards of Hamilton

I was searching around the web and I found this random website that had postcards of old Ontario towns. After some heavy clicking, I found the direct website for Old Hamilton Postcards.

Check it out.

The postcards are beautiful, it is interesting to see those images and to realize what those places look like now.

If anyone has a time machine kicking around, I'd like to borrow it and take a spin in 1901 Hamilton.