Sunday, October 7, 2007

Canadian National Railways Station

The Canadian National Railways Station, in Hamilton is at 360 James Street North , and it was designated a Heritage Railway Station in 1991.

I wanted to go inside, but all of the doors were locked and a woman that walked by inside gave me a look that was less than..hospitable. So, I settled with taking pictures of the outisde area. Maybe one day I'll get day.

This statue is beautiful in person, and in photo. I think that is fresh basil someone has placed in her hands, but I could be wrong. It looked like basil to me, but I'm no herb expert.

I find these lions to be very creepy. Their faces are almost human-like, and they look so angry. This was the base of a water fountain also on this property.

I Choo Choo Choose you.

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Candace D said...

It was probably locked because you need an appointment to get in. (Now that it's a banquet hall.) I remember even when we DID infact have an appointment (we held our wedding reception there) it was so difficult getting in there. There were "secret" instructions to go to the side doors at a specific time, go up the side stairs (apparently the elevator was locked), and then go to the third door on your left where MAYBE someone might be there waiting for you. Uh huh. :/