Saturday, December 8, 2007

Canterbury Hills

I stumbled upon Canterbury Hills yesterday. We took a side street in Ancaster and I saw a sign pointing to a road going uphill, the wooden sign said Canterbury Hills, I was intrigued.

It turns out that Canterbury Hills is an Anglican camp ground / Conference Centre / Brownie's Station /Environmental Preserve.

This is what their website says, "Canterbury Hills is situated in the Dundas Valley on 72 beautiful acres of unique Carolinian Forest, just 18 minutes from downtown Hamilton."

This place was so quiet, and creepy, and beautiful. I am disappointed that I didn't discover this place before the snow fell. It was hard to walk around and check out the property, when everything was covered in snow, and I was grossly under dressed for the weather - as per usual.


This is the main building, and the icy icy parking lot

One of the many marked trails

..And one of the many charming bird houses

I could not believe the amount of deer tracks I saw on the property - an overwhelming amount. Sadly, no deer sightings.

I risked my life, and the life of my camera, climbing down these ice covered wooden steps.

These wooden steps are all over the place. Can you see the deer tracks?

Sadly, I did not go down to the water. By this point, my walking shoes and jeans were soaked.

This is looking at the narrow dirt road that takes you to the property. I was scared for my life on these roads because there was so much ice and they are so narrow, I don't know what I would have done if another car tried to drive past us in the opposite direction.

Walking around, I realized that this place is just begging to be explored -by me. I saw signs pointing to turtle ponds, creeks, and I even saw a babbling waterfall from a distance. And you know how I love a good waterfall! Sadly, the snow put a real damper on my exploration. I will be back in the spring Canterbury!


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spazzy said...

I went to Canterbury Hills for many years in the 70's, first as a camper then as a staff member. It's a beautiful place, the woods are so peaceful and tranquil. You definitely should go back in the spring after everything dries up and you can walk through the woods. Lovely place.

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