Saturday, January 26, 2008

Downtown Walk

Two days ago I took a walk downtown before lunch. I was there with the specific intention of finding and photographing a variety of alleys. However, due to the -20 windchill, my adventures were cut short. It was incredibly cold and windy, and I could not take any prolonged walking around. Taking my camera out and setting up the shots was enough for my hands to turn red from the bitter cold.

The Church pictures are from St.Mary's Slovenian Church. It is on McNab Street.

The alley pics were taken around Cannon and James st.

This statue is at the top of St. Mary's, facing the south side.

I love the top of that building. Also, MEX-I-CAN is a good authentic Mexican restaurant.

This was the gate entrance to an alley separating a Ballet school and a European Barber.

This is a block down. I like the fancy design.

This is the back of a building near Cannon and John St. I liked the red.

Without mittens, my hands freeze. But with mittens, I can't control anything on my camera. You win this round Canadian winter, but I'll be back. Oh yes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Albion Falls

A little while ago I took a trip to Albion Falls after a minor snow storm. I have been to Albion Falls many many times, but never during the winter. It was a neat experience seeing it in this light. Everything was really slippery and the snow was deeper in some areas than others. I did not fall at any point, but I did have a few close calls.

Albion Falls is located in the east end, near the mountain brow.

Check it out! If not now, wait for the spring and check it out then.

My boots barely handeled this snow.

This cliff ends suddenly, and in snowy/muddy conditions it is easy to slip and fall. However, that didn't stop me from trying to inch down lower to see what the bottom looked like.

I loved these charming old steps to the top of the hill. These days, they just lead to road - I wonder what they lead to before.




I don't know if I would recommend walking around Albion Falls during the winter for everyone, at least not with children or older people. It can get pretty slippery, and since some of the cliffs, and walking paths, are so steep - it is really easy to slip and get hurt.

Other than the danger aspect, it was really quiet and peaceful.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pimp my Gore Park.

Christmas is the time of year when Gore Park gets dolled up for one and all.

The best thing about Christmas at Gore Park this year is: no deer. For years, I've ranted and complained about the poor deer that were locked up there for weeks in that cramped space. People would throw trash in, smoke around them, and not to mention the rest of the downtown pollutants that the deer had to deal with. This year, instead of deer, we got a fancy ride.

Well played City of Hamilton.

I tried to take a picture of these birds that were sitting on a branch, but they had other things in mind and would not stick around for me to adjust my focus.

No Deer were humiliated in the making of this Gore Park center piece.

then/than, potatoe/potato

The fountain looks so classy when it is filled with snow, rather than filthy water like in the summer.

Cho Choo