Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Albion Falls

A little while ago I took a trip to Albion Falls after a minor snow storm. I have been to Albion Falls many many times, but never during the winter. It was a neat experience seeing it in this light. Everything was really slippery and the snow was deeper in some areas than others. I did not fall at any point, but I did have a few close calls.

Albion Falls is located in the east end, near the mountain brow.

Check it out! If not now, wait for the spring and check it out then.

My boots barely handeled this snow.

This cliff ends suddenly, and in snowy/muddy conditions it is easy to slip and fall. However, that didn't stop me from trying to inch down lower to see what the bottom looked like.

I loved these charming old steps to the top of the hill. These days, they just lead to road - I wonder what they lead to before.




I don't know if I would recommend walking around Albion Falls during the winter for everyone, at least not with children or older people. It can get pretty slippery, and since some of the cliffs, and walking paths, are so steep - it is really easy to slip and get hurt.

Other than the danger aspect, it was really quiet and peaceful.

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ladycarver said...

beautiful and so rich, thanks for the photos.