Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Glendale Golf and Country

Last week I bought a beautiful camera, and since we got 30 cm of new snow and it was a sunny day, I decided to take it out for a spin. Glendale Golf and Country club is located on Mnt Albion Road in Hamilton's east end. Taking the Greenhill exit off the unnecessary environment ruin the Red Hill Expressway, will get you there in 2 minutes.

I am not a Golf and/or Country Club person at all. I think that it is a dated idea, and a waste of natural space. Why should a wealthy few get to enjoy a prime peace of nature, while the rest of us watch from behind the gates? Ridiculous.

Anyway, the Glendale Golf club is located under the escarpment, and directly underneath the Bruce Trail. It is a gorgeous hilly property, with many streams and weeping willows. In the winter, it is made even more magnificent when it is covered with snow. Since the golfers have to sit the season out, the property is taken over by toboggans, sleds, and snowboards.

Because of the size of the property, and the variety of hills, this place is perfect for snow sports.

The view from the street.

This was a mean slope. I couldn't resist taking a turn down this bad boy, I got a jacket full of snow as a result. Snow in the pockets, socks, pants, everywhere. Brr.

These kids and their space age snow toys were intense.

This stream is my favorite part of this property. The ice was thinner than it appeared and I got my boot quite stuck in it.

I took this as a mere suggestion..

This entire area is the frozen water..

..and my boot print in the ice.

This is very cool. It looks like a meteor hit the spot.

I'm not entirely sure if this is considered trespassing, I'll just put this awesome idea out there. You know..you do with it what you want. It's all yours.


That Guy said...

Yes, it's trespassing. That being said, nice pics (as always).

Anonymous said...

first of all, its a wonderful use of natural space,,not a waste,, and if you dont enjoy watching from behing the gates, (like you would at any private club),, then reach into your pocket book and join. you say rediculous?? i think your comments are rediculous, and yes you are breaking the law by trespassing onto private property, so please stay off the golf course property!!

Biljana said...

Why so hostile?

It is a waste of natural space because only a select few get to enjoy it. I don't see what is wonderful about it.

Thanks for the trespassing tip.

Also, I'm being 'ridiculous' not, 'rediculous'.

Candace D said...

To "Anonymous"

For 18+ years I lived directly across from this "wonderful use of natural space" and let me tell you, it was/is not so wonderful. I'm saying this as someone who has not just "watched from behind the gates" but also spent time inside as a guest and member. As far as golf courses go it's actually one that is highly overrated and it's been going downhill for years. Staff is horrible, the greens are often a mess, and it's really only worth it to take advantage of curling. (Do they still offer curling?) And just so you know even if you did become a member you don't own the right to "enjoy" photographing the club's exterior either way.

And why the hell should anyone have to reach into their pockets to enjoy a space that isn't used during winter? I used to spend my childhood cross-country skiing and sledding at Glendale. Oh god no. I never once had someone come out and tell me I had to leave.

I could go on about Glendale, I really could, but why bother? Not only did the rich think that they owned nature, but they also thought they had to right to park their cars infront of my house and block my driveway when the parking lot was full. Classy.