Monday, April 14, 2008

Red Hill Valley

On the first beautiful spring weekend of the year I decided to take a hike to the Red Hill Valley.

Red Hill Valley has a special place in my heart because I live very close to it, and it was closely tied to my elementary education - often involving gym class runs, and science trips. When the whole expressway shamozel was first brought up I was very much against the idea of destroying this beautiful part of Hamilton in order to speed up some commutes.

When the expressway was built I was heartbroken to see that no one could stop City Hall. Much of the valley was destroyed for the expressway but some parts - namely the parts attached to Kings Golf Course, were preserved. That is where my adventure took place.

All of this was beautiful greenery before..

The overview from the top of the hill.

I'm not quite sure what happened here, but this tree has been like this since the fall.

This creek comes from Albion Falls - just a short hike away.

This is a new bridge. It goes over to the golf course part.

As you can see from the amount of pictures focused on it: I love water.

This is my favourite picture of the set.

Sparkle sparkle

This one was a dangerous feat. I stood on top of some slippery rocks to get this shot, risking my dear cameras life, not to mention my own.

These guys flew around the entire time I was there. I kept waiting for them to fly lower so I could get a good picture, but apparantely they had other things in mind.

Best news ever: CLAY! I noticed that the bottom of the creek was white in spots and I thought it was snow. When I stuck a stick in it I realized that it was soft. A quick inspection with my fingers confirmed my hopes it was indeed clay.

I grabbed a chunk of it with my hands and made this bowl. I left it beside the clay in the ground. I took a ball of it home and have even used it on my face. Crazy, I know. But I feel that since it is natural that it can't hurt me. And guess what: it hasn't. It has produced great skin results!

This was a great adventure for me. The weather was amazing and the spring thaw brought a strong flow for the creek. Other people had the bright idea of coming here too, as there were countless dog walkers and joggers present.

I still feel that it is a shame that the valley got greatly reduced, but there is no sense not-enjoying what is left.

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orangebandage said...

I really loved your pictures. That's awesome that you found clay. How did you manage to lug it home? You make Hamilton look beautiful. I appreciate it more and more. I should take pictures of Toronto, but I think everyone is aware of it's hidden beauty and character. Hamilton however, not so much.