Saturday, May 24, 2008


My photographs of the St.Nicholas church will be used on

St Nicholas Center, a non-profit with US tax-exempt status, exists solely to spread the word about St Nicholas and to help people understand who Santa Claus/Father Christmas really is. We provide information about the saint, customs from around the world, and a large variety of resources for churches, schools, and families to use to celebrate his feast day

Very cool. My photos can be seen here.

St. Paul's Church

This church is gorgeous. This is one church that I've always wanted to explore. While the exterior is a gorgeous sight on its own, I've always wanted to see the interior. I've called and left a few messages but I haven't really gotten anywhere with anyone about setting up a tour. Can you just walk in with a camera and take pictures? I doubt it, but I'm not sure.

I've sat on these stairs many-a-time while waiting for the bus.

This is my favourite picture of the set. There is something so beautiful about the aged headstone and the bright vibrant grass and flowers sprouting up.

I'm not quite sure what this is all about. These headstones(?) line the bottom of the right side of the church. The side with the mini graveyard.

This is the back of the church.

R.I.P. John Miller

A solemn way to end the set.

The most darling thing happened to me while I was taking pictures of this church. An elderly Italian man came up to me and asked me about my camera. He had a very charming accent. He told me that when he was young he loved taking pictures. We talked about lenses for a while.

He summed up the love of photography like this: First you take the picture, then you develop the picture, then you have something very nice. Well said.

Church of Ascension

I had a few hours to kill while my sister was getting her 'hair did' a while ago. I always bring my camera for these sort of time killing situations. This church is such a gem.

While I was taking pictures a random man came up to me and told me that there was a lovely Magnolia tree behind the church that I should check out.

This is located downtown just below the 'mountain' near the hospital.

Such a lovely view. This is at the back of the property.

I would really like to go inside this church to take pictures, but I don't know how to set that up. Any tips?

A hike through Albion Falls

Over the May 24th long weekend I took a hike from the King's Forest Golf Course to the Albion Falls. It took a good hour to reach the falls and there were some risky spots with my camera - - which is why I didn't take too many pictures.

Some parts were amazing and I just had to stop and get my camera out to capture them.

Topsy Turvyyy waterfall

The waterfall itself was disappointing. The water flow was weaker than I've seen it in years and I decided not to take too many pictures of it. I'd rather come back after a heavy rainfall to capture the falls in their glory.

St.Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church

This adventure took place at the St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox church on Barton St East. This is a church that I've visited many times with my family as I am Serbian Orthodox. I usually feel awkward about taking pictures in churches but this was during a tourism open house day. so I felt at ease to let my camera work its magic.


It is customary to cross yourself three times before entering the church

In cyrylics this says: The Serbian Orthodox Church of St.Nicholas

The women stand on the left, and the man stand on the right. Nobody sits. Seats are for the very old or ill. I've seen many church faintings, it can get hot and crowded.

The bottom rim of the big chandalier

Inside of the highest peak: Jesus

This church is very unique and is beautifuly decorated. You should check out an Orthodox church if you ever get the chance.