Saturday, September 20, 2008

Burlington Rib Fest

After a long summer hiatus Explore Hamilton is back. If anyone is still checking back - thank you(!) and I apologize for the absence.

The annual Burlington Rib Fest was calling my name this year, it was the first time I've been. Also, surprising to most people, this was the first time I've eaten "ribs" - prepared like this.

This was a silver jewlery stand. I really liked how fancy their tent was.

A one-stop-shop for all of your classy t-shirts.

Festival cover-bands are never good. These guys were no exception.

I decided to get my ribs from this place because they had the longest lines.

Not exactly appetizing. fist rib fest experience was good. I can't see myself eating ribs like these on a regular basis because I found them to be really sweet and too rare for my tastes. The first piece or two were good, but it was a challenge to finish the "1/2 rack".

The weather was perfect that day.

I realize that the quality of these pictures isn't the greatest. It was a last minute decision to go there so I just grabbed my small digital camera. In hindsight, I should have brought my Cannon and taken some real pictures, but these are good enough to document the event.

The rib fest was a neat experience; I have never been to anything like it. It was a fun way to say goodbye to summer.