Monday, February 9, 2009

Hostile Territory

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Glendale Golf and Country":

first of all, its a wonderful use of natural space,,not a waste,, and if you dont enjoy watching from behing the gates, (like you would at any private club),, then reach into your pocket book and join. you say rediculous?? i think your comments are rediculous, and yes you are breaking the law by trespassing onto private property, so please stay off the golf course property!!

I replied to this.....

Why so hostile?

It is a waste of natural space because only a select few get to enjoy it. I don't see what is wonderful about it.

Thanks for the trespassing tip.

Also, I'm being 'ridiculous' not, 'rediculous'.

This made me really mad. It's not that someone is being rude to me online, because a certain amount of that should be expected on the internet. Whenever you put something out there you should be prepared to have it judged.

It is the central message of this comment. The claim that to enjoy nature you should have to fork over the cash.

The notion that a well manicured natural space is for the privileged to enjoy is horrible.

Golf Courses are a complete waste of natural space. Nothing will ever change my mind about this.

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