Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red Hill Valley In the Fall

One of the reasons I stepped away from the blog was that I developed quite the running habit over the past year. I love running all over Hamilton. From Confederation Park, to the Devils Punch Bowl, to Webster's Falls - there are so many amazing natural trails to run in Hamilton.

The trail that holds the dearest spot in my heart is the Red Hill Valley. Here are some photos that I took earlier this fall.

This place is really special to me. I have ran through those trails hundreds of times. I go there very often, nothing will get you out of a funk, or out of a stressful situation, better than a solitary run through a beautiful trail. It resets all of the switches and brings your soul back to neutral.

There are many ways to get to this trail. The best are 1) Park at Albion Falls and walk down past the falls to the trail. Or 2 -There is a small parking lot at the Greenhill exit of the Red Hill Expressway.

Kind Words

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

...and I'm back

After an extended absence where I got sidetracked with other projects and hobbies - Explore Hamilton is back. In a large way.

While I have been away from blogging, I've never been away from exploring Hamilton and photography.

So, yes, I am back and better than ever, baby. Let's get to it.