Sunday, February 6, 2011

Greatest Hits

Since I am revamping this project I thought I would post a list of my favourite adventures from the past. Reading over this project that spans a few years I was surprised, embarrassed, and happy to find old treasures. It is funny how your views and opinions of things can change over a relatively short period of time. I started this blog in 2007. However some of the older pictures look like pictures that I would take today - I guess my original views and angles are embedded deep within.

Here are my favourite adventures from the past:
  • Binbrook Conservation Trail
  • La Salle Park
  • St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
  • Glendale Golf Club
  • Centenary United Church
    I am really proud of this adventure. I felt really lucky to receive the special tour of the church. I was able to freely ask questions and take photos of whatever I wanted. It was really special.
  • Westfield Heritage Village
  • Tew's Falls
  • Lister Block Heating Unit
    This is the other adventure that I am really proud of. I loved having a conversation with the security guard and learning more about a piece of Hamilton's history. That heating unit has been knocked down and there is a parking lot in that space now. I'm really glad I did this one.
  • Tiffany Falls

    That was a nice look at the past. I am excited for many more great adventures in the future.
  • Winter

    Here are some pretty winter shots of Hamilton that I took on my way to work last week.
    This is the Gore Park fountain. I've taken pictures of this many times, but something about the sunlight and the shadows caught my eye. I couldn't help but to take another picture.

    This is the overpass by Dundurn st., near The Spectator. Something about this view is really magical to me. Whenever I walk past this (and it is on a daily basis) I always stop and look.